Spot brilliant cherry in Korea when spring

Korea is known by many tourists because of rich culture, many attractive and special dishes can not be missed is the cherry blossom season with brilliant colors but still gentle, poetic. Explore the cherry blossom season in Korea through the following article of Intertour.

The cherry blossom season is also a time when the Korean country becomes more fanciful, a pink color covering also makes the visitors here are overwhelmed. If you want to visit Korea to see the cherry blossom season in March or April, please note the information we provide below for the best Korean tour .

Korean cherry blossom bloom when the most beautiful?

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Looking to see the cherry blossom season in Korea , the time is considered by many people as the safest is the end of March to mid-April. But in different regions have different blooming times, so you have Please refer to the information below for the most beautiful cherry blossom:
The time of blooming flowers is expected
Jeju Island
March 20 to 27
March 25 to April 1
March 29 to April 2
March 31 through April 05
From April 9th ​​to 15th
From 12 to 17 April

Location of cherry blossoms in Korea

Spring Flower Festival Yeouido

Located on the Han River, Yeouido Island is one of the most popular spots for Korean Cherry Blossom Spring Flower Festival here attracts millions of visitors each year by the vibrant atmosphere and pink color of a sky. More than 1600 cherry blossoms on the island make it like a paradise.
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Seokchon Lake Cherry Flower Society

Korean seahorses at Seokchon lake make many tourists both in and out of the country feel amused by the hundreds of cherry blossoms blooming in the sweet pink color of the spring. Not only can you watch the cherry blossoms, here you can also take part in some activities such as paintings or drawings quite unique.
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Cherry Blossom Festival in Jinhae Gunhangje

The cherry blossom season in the city of Jinhae is the ideal place for those who love the rosy cherry blossoms. Even though it's only about an hour's drive from Busan, this city is home to the largest cherry blossom in Korea.
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However, the city is only truly alive during the 10 days of cherry blossom festival with spectacular and beautiful parades, even street food is also inspired by cherry blossoms bring The food is interesting and eye catching.

Marigold cherry blossoms in Gyeongju

If you come to look at the cherry blossom season of Korea, you will enjoy the beauty of this flower in a different angle to the cherry blossom marathon in Gyeongju. If you are worried about health, you can choose one of the three items to participate in the half, 5km, 10km, .. kim, balloons or fireworks throughout the run in the middle of the warm spring. romantic and poetic along with the beautiful blooming sparkle will certainly make the cherry blossom people enjoy.
ngam sac sacred flower
Here we have introduced you to the cherry blossom season in Korea with many unique points, hope that the above information can help you have a fun trip to Korea and see the flowers there. most beautiful dig.

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