The art form is worth seeing in Seoul Korea

If you are a follower of performing arts and visual arts, take a tour of Seoul Korea to explore and discover the unique art form.

Spending some free time on the schedule or some time visiting Seoul , consider visiting an auditorium, an art museum to enjoy the performances, this will be a worthwhile experience. Remember and help build a cultural beauty in your soul.

The art form is worth seeing in Seoul Korea

Exquisite art venues in Seoul

1. National Theater of Korea

Address : 59, Jangchungdan-ro Road, Jung-gu District, Seoul
The National Theater of Korea was established in 1950, the first national theater in Asia. This is the venue of many diverse arts programs such as:
- Performing traditional arts
- Ballet
- musical performances

The art form is worth seeing in Seoul Korea

Many world famous groups and foreign art troupes regularly tour. Not only that, the theater is also quite close to other works, shopping, scenery South Korea is popular like Namsan Tower, Myeong-dong ... convenient for a journey combining sightseeing and viewing art performance.

2. The Opera House at the Seoul Art Center

Address : 2406 Nambusunhwan-ro, Seocho-gu, Seoul
The Opera Theater is the most prominent of the stages and auditoriums of the Seoul Arts Center. Here, visitors are easily attracted and easy to mix with a variety of interesting performing arts, is a great place to explore some features of Korean culture .

The art form is worth seeing in Seoul Korea

The theater consists of 3 main areas:
- Opera House: For opera, opera and ballet performances.
- Towol Theater: Performing small-scale musicals and theater performances.
- Jayu Theater: Place for independent and experimental performances.

3. Sejong Center - Seoul Cultural Complex

Address: 175 Sejong-daero Road, Jongno-gu District, Seoul
Sejong Center is a unique architecture combining traditional art and modern style, creating a grandiose beauty but still elegant and novel.

The art form is worth seeing in Seoul Korea

Sejong is not only a popular Korean tourist destination but also a venue for many famous shows such as:
- Traditional Korean Art
- Classical art
- Cross-cultural programs combine traditional and modern art.
At present, the theater owns the largest orchid in Asia attracts a number of tourists far. In particular, the Sejong Center is built right next to Gwanghwamun Square and Gyeongbokgung Palace are popular attractions in Korea.

4. Seoul National Museum of Modern and Modern Art

Address : 30, Samcheong-ro Road, Jongno-gu District, Seoul
This is an ideal stopover for visitors to learn about the artistic values ​​and find a moment of aesthetic rest.
In contrast to other museums, the Seoul Museum of Contemporary Art and Modern Art offers unmatched ticket prices, which can be used to visit all of the galleries and showrooms. .

The art form is worth seeing in Seoul Korea

In addition, the attraction of the museum is influenced by its location right next to the famous tourist destinations such as Samcheongdong-gil, Gyeongbokgung and Changdeokgung.

Seoul Art Museum

Address : 61 Deoksugung-gil Road, Jung-gu district, Seoul
The forerunner of the Seoul Art Museum is the Supreme Court. Today the museum is appreciated by modern architecture is extremely splendid and owns many traditional artistic values.
The exhibitions at the museum are not limited to the traditional arts of the nation but also the forms of fine arts, audiovisual, architecture, cinema, fashion, music, handicrafts, etc.

The art form is worth seeing in Seoul Korea

6. Hangaram Museum of Art

Address : 2406 Nambusunhwan-ro Road, Seochu-gu District, Seoul.
As one of the museums of the Seoul Arts Center in Korea , Hangaram attracts visitors close to the visual arts in 6 galleries and a shop.

The art form is worth seeing in Seoul Korea

Much of the art exhibited here is modern in style, which helps young people perceive and approach the art world more easily. In addition, the models are also making many curious visitors want to explore when to Hangaram.
Part of the unique artistic values ​​of Seoul is reflected in the article. With these intertour exchanges, hopefully they will become the bag, into the Korean travel experience sesame sure for your next exciting trip.
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